Inspired by the sparkle of Italian Marble, POINTER introduces ITALIA. A mute testimony to the modular concept, Italia is stunning in it's simplicity of design with the impeccable quality that you would expect from the house of POINTER - trend setters in the field of electrical accessories. A blend of style, safety and sensuality in sparkling white, Italia blends into each and every decor. Crafted from imported polycarbonate, Italia is unbreakable and fire retardant too.

ITALIA is designed and precision engineered to prevent damage to the plates during the fixing or dismantling of the modules. Italia is equipped with extra smooth locks so that the complete process of assembly, fixing and dismantling of the modules is one smooth, effortless exercise without any harmful, damaging pressure, stress and tension on the modular plate. All this in a wide range of combinations to suit every conceivable need at unbelievable down to earth prices.

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